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                         The Degrees introduced by the University Grant Commission in India in association with NSDC and Sector Skill Councils
University Grants Commission (UGC) is excited to introduce the new-generation Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc) course – B.Voc in Accounting and Business. The new course is provided by the esteemed autonomous Jain University.Jain (Deemed-to-be University) – A center for education, leadership and entrepreneurship for the students of modern world. The university offers qualitative education to the young minds to help them grow in the critical and rapidly transforming world.Jain University has now joined hands with ACCA to provide students with an exciting opportunity. Students who have joined for the B.Voc in Accounting and Business course, upon graduation will be rewarded exemptions for 9 out of 13 papers of the ACCA Qualification. This is a great opportunity for students as they have to attempt only 4 papers on their path to achieve ACCA Membership.The B.Voc course offered addresses the critical knowledge and skill sets required to make the candidate industry-ready and also shape young-entrepreneurs in the relevant sectors. Please refer the below information to understand your journey with B.Voc in Accounting and Business.


        YEAR 1

            SEMESTER I

  •                 Theory
  •                 Accountant in Business
  •                 Management Accounting
  •                 Financial Accounting
  •                 Business Statistics with R Programming
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Vocational Practical - I
  •                 Vocational Practical - II
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Business Correspondent/ Business Facilitator


            SEMESTER II


  •                 Theory
  •                 Corporate & Business Law
  •                 Performance Management
  •                 Taxation
  •                 Financial Derivatives
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Vocational Practical - III
  •                 Vocational Practical - IV
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Officer

            Year 1 Exit Award
            Diploma in Accounting & Business
        YEAR 2

            SEMESTER III

  •                 Theory
  •                 Financial Reporting
  •                 Audit & Assurance
  •                 Programming for Analytics
  •                 Business English
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Vocational Practical - V
  •                 Vocational Practical - VI
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Financial Inclusion Officer

            SEMESTER IV

  •                 Theory
  •                 Financial Management
  •                 Ethics for Business
  •                 Financial English
  •                 Financial Markets
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Vocational Practical - VII
  •                 Vocational Practical - VIII
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Process Executive (Financial Institutions)

            Year 2 Exit Award
            Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business
        YEAR 3

            SEMESTER V

  •                 Theory
  •                 Strategic Business Reporting
  •                 Strategic Business Leader
  •                 Advanced Performance Management
  •                 Business & Finance Project - I
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Vocational Practical - IX
  •                 Vocational Practical - X
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Research Officer (Financial Institutions)

            SEMESTER VI

  •                 Theory
  •                 Advanced Financial Management
  •                 Advanced Audit & Assurance
  •                 Advanced Taxation
  •                 Business & Finance Project - II
  •                 Lab /Practical
  •                 Project Work
  •                 On-Job-Training
  •                 Accounts Executive

            Year 3 Exit Award
            B.Voc in Accounting & Business


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